STENCILS (Wii U only)

Stencils are lineart underlays that assist in painting complex artwork. The Stencil menu organizes Stencils into categories called "packs", so that the user can browse and choose which Stencil to use. When chosen, the Stencil loads into Painting mode.

Some Stencil packs serve as the gateway to cross-game content creation. This is achieved by allowing the user to paint over Stencils that are UV maps of meshes for characters and objects from affiliated Wii U games. The final artwork is then shared over the online gallery, via Nintendo Network ID, with other titles on the same Wii U console. By keeping content linked by NNID, it insures that inappropriate content is not loaded onto other Wii U consoles, but the creator can still have the freedom to create anything imaginable.

This first titles to make use of content sharing are UCraft by NexisGames, U Match It! by HullBreach Studios, Tomeling: Darkness Falls by HullBreach Studios, and HullBreach: Uncloaked by HullBreach Studios.

SDK Paint Wii U Stencils Menu
Stencils Menu

SDK Paint Wii U Renaissance Stencils
Renaissance Stencils

SDK Paint Wii U Post-Renaissance Stencils
Post-Renaissance Stencils

SDK Paint Wii U Asian Stencils
Asian Stencils

SDK Paint Wii U The Last supper Stencil
The Last Supper Stencil

SDK Paint Wii U Stencil
Stencil Mode (Right-Handed)

SDK Paint Wii U Stencil
Stencil for UCraft by NexisGames