The Sharing screen prepares artwork for posting to Miiverse (accessible via the HOME Menu) or for exporting to the online gallery. With SDK Paint, it is possible to composite the layers of the artwork into a 2D image or an anaglyph 3D image. For anaglyph images, each layer of the artwork is treated as a different depth in 3D space.

To prepare artwork for sharing, chose the appropriate setting under 3D Effect, Depth of Field, and Converge Layer, then tap on the thumbnail icon for the artwork. The exported image will appear on the TV screen.

The 3D Effect determines how displaced each layer is, for the anaglyph 3D. Setting this to Off generates a 2D image.

The Depth of Field blurs layers outside the Converge Layer to give the appearance of SLR camera photography.

The Converge Layer is considered screen depth. Layers below the Converge Layer appear deeper than the screen, and layers above the Converge Layer appear to jump from the screen.

**Sharing has been discontinued on the Wii U version**

This screen serves as the hub for sharing content with the online gallery from either the Wii U or the iPad version. For the Wii U, art can be imported by the same Nintendo Network ID to other supported Wii U titles. Additionally, anyone using the Internet browser on the Nintendo 3DS will be able to view artwork as stereoscopic 3D MPO images.

SDK Paint Wii U Sharing Menu
Sharing Menu

SDK Paint Wii U Anaglyph 3D
Artwork converted to Anaglyph 3D

SDK Paint Online Gallery
Online Gallery